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Coffee Mate

Model No.: TH
Product Name: Coffee Mate
Product Origin: THAILAND
Standard: GRADE A
Brand Name: Coffee Mate
Supply Ability: 5000 Ton/Tons per Month non dairy creame
Detailed Product Description:

coffee creamer creme coffee mate

1.Product Description of Instant Solubled Non Dairy Creamer

Non –dairy Creamer is a high quality, spray-dried, emulsified, white or yellow power mainly made of glucose syrup and vegetable oil. It has excellent fluidity and stability, It is designed for rapid direct dispersion into hot coffee.

2.Features of Instant Solubled Non Dairy Creamer

Delicate, smooth and rich mouth feel;

To modify color of coffee by its excellent whitening powder;

To restrain bittenrness of coffee and cover possible odd taste;

To add a smooth., rich sense to coffee.

3.Composition of Instant Solubled Non Dairy Creamer

Glucose Syrup,sodium caseinate, vegetable oil, stabilizers, emulsifier, free flowing agent

4.Chemical of Instant Solubled Non Dairy Creamer

Fat 35%±2

Carbohydrate ≥58%

Protein(N x 6.38)1.5%

Moisture ≤5%

5.Microbiological of Instant Solubled Non Dairy Creamer

Total plate count ≤10000/g

Coliform ≤90/100g

Salmonella Negative

6.Physical of Instant Solubled Non Dairy Creamer

Colour: Creamy/light yellow

Taste & odours: Typical

Scorched particles(ADPI):disc A

7.Packaging of Instant Solubled Non Dairy Creamer

25KG per Paper bag with PE bag inner liner.

8.Storage of Instant Solubled Non Dairy Creamer

Store in dry & Sheltered warehouse with good ventilation. Pallet height must not exceed 10 cases.

9.Shelf life of Instant Solubled Non Dairy Creamer

24months in original and unopened packaging.

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